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Born in 1988 and as long as people have known me I've been a creative and practical guy. A doer who likes to build or create stuff. And highly interested in the technical side.

While experimenting with home brewed transistor radios I became more and more interested in the music I heard. At the age of twelve I decided to follow music classes. After graduating high school I went to a school for Theatre and Technology, which I finished in two years. I worked for one of the larger rental companies back in the days. In 2011, I worked my first freelance gig in Cairo. While on the gig I decided to start my own business as a freelance live Sound Engineer. From then on, time went super fast.

Over the past few years I've had the honor to work for many different clients and artists on a wide variety of productions, including theatre tours, festivals, one-offs and large scale corporate events all over the world. Take a look at highlights to catch a glimpse of my recent activities.

Live sound

I use my passion for music in live sound mixing. My musical approach to live sound mixing is trying to translate the onstage emotions to the audience with attention to detail and focus on the end result.


Large scale international corporate shows for clients as LinkedIn, Hewlett Packard and Facebook is something I have extensive experience in. Whether it is a very small audience of only 20 people or a packed arena with over 15000 listeners, the clients message will be heard.

Sound design

As a Sound Designer, PA design, intercoms and frequency coordination is a big part of any pre-production for a touring theatre show, corporate event or festival and part of my regular activities.


Songs in the Key of Life

Theatre, Music // FOH // Tour 2016

Below is the promo video for the 'Songs in the Key of Life' tour, which ran from January 2016 till May 2016.

North Sea Jazz

Music, Festival // FOH, MON // 2012-2016

Brigitte Kaandorp

Theatre, Music // Tour // 2014-2015


Celebration, with Special Act Maroon5 // Corporate // FOH // 2015-2016

Danny Vera

Music // FOH // 2015-2016


Corporate Event // FOH // London // 2015


Location Theatre // RF Coordination // 2014

Clients, artists, projects and friends

HP Enterprise
Etisalat Egypt
ACI Worldwide
Isagenix USA
ING Bank
AB InBev
Danny Vera
Brigitte Kaandorp
Bobby McFerrin
Ibrahim Maalouf
Thijs Maas
Ed Kowalczyk
Michael W. Smith
Robeco Summer-nights
EO Nederland Zingt
Symphony Of Life
Night of the Koemarkt
North Sea Jazz
KRO See you in heaven
Het Koninklijk Concertgebouw Amsterdam
Nederlands Symfonie Orkest
Noord Nederlands Orkest
Residentie Orkest
DeLaMar Theatre
CG Creative
De Compaenen
Almaro Sound
Faber Audiovisuals
Ampco Pro Rent
Purple Group
HOF Audio
Mertens AVR
Steven Pollema

Logo van De Compaenen

COMPAENEN, An old fashioned word for 'friends'.

We are a collective of independent, creative sound people supporting others in telling their stories by enabling our clients to fully immerse their audiences with an auditory experience that matches their event, play or concert. I joined 'De Compaenen' in 2014. Our team is talented in every aspect of sonic storytelling by creating an environment where everything is possible. For each production that requires audio content, we are able to create a unique sound design that supports the most critical, engaging and creative adventures imaginable.


M: +31 (0)6 239 845 47


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